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Band of Sisters
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By author: Kirsten Holmstedt
ISBN: 9780811735667
Availability: In stock.
Dimensions: 6" x 9" 
Pages: 352
Illustrations:  70 color photos
  • Now available in paperback
  • Winner of the 2007 American Authors Association Golden Quill Award
  • Winner of the 2007 Military Writers Society of America Founder's Award

    In Iraq, the front lines are everywhere - and everywhere in Iraq, no matter what their job descriptions say, women in the U.S. military are fighting--more than 155,000 of them. A critical and commercial success in hardcover, Band of Sisters presents a dozen groundbreaking and often heart-wrenching stories of American women in combat in Iraq, such as the U.S.'s first female pilot to be shot down and survive, the military's first black female pilot in combat, a young turret gunner defending convoys, and a nurse struggling to save lives, including her own.

Winner, American Authors Association Golden Quill Award

Winner, Military Writers Society of America Founder's Award

"The most up-to-date discussion of women in the current war. . . . Invaluable as well as readable." --Booklist

"Kirsten Holmstedt has pulled off two astonishing feats: Not only does she tell engaging stories of service in Iraq without any hint of a political agenda, but she has chosen stories in which the heroes just happen to be women." --Military History

"Holmstedt proves herself a dogged researcher as she collects the fascinating personal stories from women who have served in Iraq, from various branches, ranks, and jobs. Her comprehensive look at their courageous and gritty service experiences deserves wide readership." --Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Band of Sisters is lyrical, visceral, and potent. Kirsten Holmstedt sets a peerless standard as a raconteur with powerful stories of the valor of today's women in combat." --David J. Danelo, author of Blood Stripes and The Border

"Band of Sisters is one of the few truly revealing books written about our military in the past decade-and one of the most fascinating to read. This overdue account . . . reads as swiftly as a thriller, but the thrills here come from the real sacrifices and valor of America's fighting women." --Ralph Peters, New York Post columnist

"An insightful and intimate portrait of America's fighting women in Iraq. This is must reading for men and women alike." --Chalres Jones, author of War Shots, The Boys of '67, and Red, White, or Yellow?

"Inspirational and revealing, Band of Sisters is the first book to explore the personal and heroic accounts of real women in modern-day combat." --Paul Rieckhoff, author of Chasing Ghosts

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