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Crochet Scarves
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By author: Sharon Hernes Silverman
ISBN: 9780811700818
Availability: In stock.
Dimensions: 8" x 10" 
Pages: 160
Illustrations:  33 stitch charts318 color photos
"It is a good thing that you can never have too many scarves because you will want to make every single pattern in this book! ... An absolute pleasure!" --Tammy Hildebrand, Crochet Guild of America

"Sharon makes inventive use of classic crochet techniques to create striking modern designs." --Crochet Insider

  • 21 original patterns in a variety of styles, colors, yarns, stitch patterns, and techniques--including traditional crochet, Tunisian crochet, and broomstick lace crochet--for beginning through experienced crocheters
  • Easy-to-follow patterns supplemented with hundreds of detailed technique photos
  • Symbol charts give readers a visual guide to every pattern
  • Includes a visual index and list of resources
  • "Brilliant . . . the lowly scarf becomes the canvas for the exploration of various crochet techniques . . . No matter what sort of learner you are, Sharon's got you covered." --Doris Chan,

    "A perfect addition to Sharon's growing collection of "go-to" books for a crocheter of any skill level . . . ANYONE can learn something from Crochet Scarves, ending up with a lovely scarf in the bargain!" --Annie Modesitt,

    "Crochet Scarves illustrates just how versatile scarves can be...With light scarves, heavy scarves, cowls and collars, there are scarves for every season. It's inspiring to think you could make a scarf from one of these patterns every month for almost two years!"--Jesse Carpender,

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