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Diners of Pennsylvania
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By authors: Brian Butko, Kevin Patrick, Kyle R. Weaver
ISBN: 9780811706766
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Dimensions: 6" x 9" 
Pages: 288
Illustrations:  242 color photos
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  • Revised and updated edition of the best-selling first edition (978-0-8117-2878-2)
  • 239 classic diners identified
  • All-new, full-color photographs and vintage postcards
  • Color maps pinpoint locations and diner highways
  • Complete directories with location, food, and hours
  • Detailed information on styles, vintages, and manufacturers
  • "Diners of Pennsylvania has become an essential part of any back roads exploration through the Keystone State, simply because you'll find no better place to eat than in one of its many, many diners. And thanks to the authors' passion for and knowledge of the subject matter, you can't ask for a better guide for the trip." --Randy Garbin,

    "Pennsylvania is especially rich in diners, which, as this book so ably points out, are much more than places to get cheap eats quickly. They are architectural and design marvels, mirrors of social mores, and citadels of culinary tradition. Their multiple personalities, as well as their history and prominent place in Pennsylvania's foodways, are beautifully described-and illustrated-in this essential ode to a uniquely American style of dining." --Jane & Michael Stern,

    "The original edition of Diners of Pennsylvania, the first in a series, combined historical research, photos, and maps, assuring it would instantly become the benchmark for all that followed it. This revised edition, now in full color with updated text, new photos, and additional information, makes a great book even that much better!" --Larry Cultrera, Diner Hotline Weblog

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