Muddy Boots Leadership

Real Life Stories and Personal Examples of Good, Bad, and Unexpected Results


Book Description

  • 285 military "leadership situations" and the actions leaders have taken--and some real surprises
  • Emphasis on practical applications of leadership, coupled with real-life vignettes add the real spark to the leadership lessons learned and relearned by each generation of America's warriors
  • Applicable to business, corporate, and organizational leadership

    Leadership, especially military leadership, has many purposes--to build effective organizations, to complete dangerous tasks successfully, and to mold teams that operate like winning athletic teams. Author John Chapman is a superb observer and chronicler of leadership events over many years and now shares his observations and the lessons learned about this essential military art.

  • About the Author

    John Chapman is a retired Army major and frequent writer on a wide range of military-related subjects. He resides in Colonial Heights, Virginia.

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