Best Birds Upland and Shore


Book Description

In this beautifully illustrated book, Worth Mathewson vividly describes his bird-hunting adventures across North America. Over the course of thirty-nine years, Mathewson hunted all of the United States' and Canada's native upland and legal shorebird species, from the band-tailed pigeon and mourning dove to the ruffed grouse and ring-necked pheasant. His memories of these hunts, accomplished in the company of friends, family, and faithful hunting dogs, are recounted here.

About the Author

Worth Mathewson is the author of nine books about birds and hunting, including Big December Canvasbacks (978-1-5683-3153-9), Old Wildfowling Tales, and Western Bird Hunting (978-1-5715-7209-7). David Hagerbaumer--waterfowler, naturalist, and artist--has spent most of his life drawing and painting birds.