Monsters of Wisconsin

Mysterious Creatures in the Badger State


Book Description

  • The Beast of Bray Road
  • Sasquatch in Dairyland
  • Rocky of Rock Lake
  • Dragons of Green Bay
  • Other bizarre creatures, including werewolves, flying lizard men, out-of-place kangaroos, goat men, and lake serpents

  • About the Author

    Linda S. Godfrey lives in Wisconsin and is an author, artist, and researcher of strange subjects, eccentric people, and unknown creatures. Her previous books include Hunting the American Werewolf (978-1-931599-66-1), Weird Wisconsin (978-0-7607-5944-8), and Strange Wisconsin (978-1-931599-85-6), winner of a bronze medal in the Independent Publisher's 2008 Best Book Awards.

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