NOLS River Rescue Guide


Book Description

A how-to guide of safety, rescue, and recovery techniques for all who work and play on the water.

  • 2015 National Outdoor Book Award Winner
  • Practical advice for identifying and responding to risks on the water
  • Covers all the essential equipment you'll need
  • Over 150 helpful photos and illustrations
  • Tips for trip-planning

  • About the Author

    Nate Ostis is a member of the senior field staff for NOLS and a Swiftwater Rescue Technician instructor. A lifelong educator, he was a lecturer for the outdoor recreation department at Plymouth State University, and he has taught at an international whitewater kayaking academy. He is the author of NOLS River Rescue (978-0-8117-3352-6) and NOLS River Rescue Guide (978-0-8117-1373-3), winner of the 2015 National Outdoor Book Award for Best Instructional.

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