Smoking, Curing, & Drying Meat & Fish


Book Description

Contains all the information you need to create your own delicious smoked, cured, and dried meats and fish at home.

  • Improve the taste of good ingredients naturally-no artificial flavors needed
  • Over 50 recipes, from dried lamb and beef jerky to pastrami and hot-smoked salmon
  • Clear and simple directions for building your own smoker
  • Expert tips for mastering artisan cooking techniques, including hot and cold smoking, brining, curing, air-drying, and more

  • About the Author

    Turan T. Turan has been smoking and curing food for over a decade, designing his own smokers and spending hours experimenting with different techniques and flavors. He runs regular food smoking and curing courses and maintains a website that offers tips and advice for anyone interested in the artisan craft of food preservation.

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