Trees of Pennsylvania

and the Northeast


Book Description

  • Common and uncommon tree species described in engaging detail
  • Covers trees found in small woodlots, deep forests, backyards, and reverting fields

    With populations of both northern and southern trees, Pennsylvania is home to a truly diverse array of species. This book describes more than 60 species of trees found in Pennsylvania and the northeastern United States in a straightforward, informative style. Includes identification details, range, growth patterns, seasonal adaptations, natural history, past and present uses, and current and future population trends, along with the author's personal observations of the trees themselves--what their nuts taste like, their barks feel like, or what it's like to see them in the wild. An invaluable addition to any nature-lover's library.

  • About the Author

    Charles Fergus has written numerous books about wildlife and the outdoors. He lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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