Don't Look Back

Olympic Skiing Competitor and Coach Shares His Story and Training Program


Book Description

Cross-country skiing is not an exact science,” author John Morton writes in his preface. “ Even though the sport has been influenced by recent technological changes, there are still countless variables that make consistent top performance all but impossible. This observation is borne out at the World Cup or Olympic level of international competition, where year after year different individuals from various nations emerge as champions.” As a former Olympian and Olympic coach, Morton draws on his firsthand experience to outline what makes a great skier. The combination of Conditioning, Technique, Psychology, Health and Nutrition, and Equipment and Waxing can make or break an athlete at any level.

About the Author

Author John Morton’s skiing credentials continue to grow with the position of team leader for the U.S. Olympic Biathlon Team at the 1992 Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, a position he also held in 1988 at Calgary. During his 20-year coaching career, he has worked with everyone from beginners to Olympians. After 11years as head coach of men’s skiing at Dartmouth College, he returned to racing and is currently one of the top-ranked Masters competitors in the nation.

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