NOLS Wilderness Ethics

Valuing and Managing Wild Places


Book Description

  • New edition of a NOLS classic; the definitive book on environmental ethics and their relation to managing wildlands
  • An excellent introduction to all relevant federal agencies and legislation
  • Objectively examines various perspectives on difficult ethical questions Originally published in 1992 as An Introduction to Wildland Ethics and Management, this fully revised and updated edition is a powerful tool for understanding the challenges facing wilderness in the United States today. Beginning with the premise that land management must be informed by a well-developed wilderness ethic, the authors delve into some of the thorniest problems in environmental ethics, exploring them in clear, straightforward language: What is wilderness? Why should it be protected? Do animals have rights? Do trees? When should wilderness concerns trump individual priorities? The book also provides a fascinating history of the wilderness movement in America and gives a comprehensive survey of the legislation and agency structures that define wildlands management today. Essential reading for land managers, activists, policymakers, or anyone else who cares about the future of wilderness in the United States.

  • About the Author

    Glenn Goodrich is a long-time NOLS instructor who is active in the Leave No Trace environmental ethics program. He lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. Jennifer Lamb is Public Policy Director for NOLS and handles all wilderness and public lands issues for the school. She lives in Lander, Wyoming

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