Forging the Thunderbolt

History of the U.S. Army's Armored Forces, 1917-45


Book Description

  • Features a detailed look at the career of Gen. Adna Romanza Chaffee, the "Father of the Armored Force"
  • Careful study of the battles fought during and between the wars for the armored forces' very survival
  • Photos of the men and machines that made the American Armored Corps a legend

    A military history classic of the rise of America's armored forces from their humble beginnings in borrowed tanks on the battlefields of France in World War I to a thundering crescendo of tactical prowess and lethal power as they spearheaded the liberation of Western Europe in World War II. A brilliant, straightforward study of the men and machines that brought fame to the likes of Generals Patton, Pershing, and Chaffee and the Sherman, Grant, and Lee tanks.

  • About the Author

    M. H. Gillie was born in Wisconsin and later studied at Cornell. Before settling in Tacoma, Washington, she worked as a teacher and copywriter in New York City. She is deceased.