Wild Guide


Book Description

Turtles are thought to be the oldest and most primitive of all living reptiles. This Wild Guide goes beyond the cursory knowledge that many people have about turtles, explaining the physical adaptations that allow a creature to live inside a hard protective shell. It explores the astonishing range of habitats occupied by different species of turtles in North America and examines feeding, reproduction, and hibernation in turtles. It gives tips on how to observe turtles and suggests ways in which people can help turtles survive and thrive in the wild.

  • A fascinating introduction to the biology, life cycle, and behavior of turtles
  • Land turtles, aquatic turtles, snappers, tortoises, and softshells
  • Features an identification guide to 22 North American species

  • About the Author

    Charles Fergus has written numerous books about wildlife and the outdoors. He lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont.