Cyclops in the Jungle

A One-Eyed LRP in Vietnam


Book Description

  • One-of-a-kind story of resilience and determination in the Vietnam War
  • Combat action with a long-range patrol (LRP) team
  • Written in a no-holds-barred, from-the-gut style

    In January 1968, barely a month after arriving in Vietnam, Dave Walker received a debilitating shrapnel wound to his eye. Medically discharged and sent home, Walker--now missing an eye--maneuvered his way back into the army and back to Vietnam in 1970, where he served another eighteen months conducting patrols and special operations in the Central Highlands.

  • About the Author

    David P. Walker served ten years in the U.S. Army with airborne, long range patrol, Ranger, and conventional infantry units. He lives in northern California.

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