Wars of Blood and Faith

The Conflicts That Will Shape the Twenty-First Century


Book Description

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    In the no-holds-barred tradition that has won him so many fans across the nation and around the world, best-selling author and strategist Ralph Peters confronts the crucial security issues of our time--and the troubled times to come. With his trademark clarity and force, Peters argues that we have left behind the Age of Ideologies to enter a violent period in which ethnicity and religion--blood and faith--will continue to be the source of ferocious rebellions, genocide, and global terrorism. His compelling vision spares neither our foreign policy nor our domestic follies as he ruthlessly outlines what it will take to protect our country against this new breed of enemies.

  • Russia is back as an aggressive imperialist power.
  • We have forgotten what it takes to win wars, leading to tragic, unnecessary failures.
  • Too many Americans still refuse to take our enemies seriously, even though terrorists and foreign leaders are bent on inflicting apocalyptic destruction on us.
  • hose enemies will use nuclear weapons, if allowed to possess them.
  • Religious wars are impossible to prevent--because our enemies desire them.
  • The Middle East is headed for greater chaos, and Israel may not survive.

    Despite these challenges, the United States will remain the world's most successful and greatest power--but the cost will be determined by our willingness to face a new century's brutal realities.

    Wars of Blood and Faith continues the ever popular series of work by Ralph Peters on strategy, conflict, and the military published by Stackpole Books--titles that have not only excited and informed a wide range of readers, but have profoundly influenced our national security.

  • About the Author

    Fox News Strategic Analyst Ralph Peters is the author of 27 books, including bestselling and prize-winning novels. He has experience in over 70 countries and, as a journalist, has covered multiple conflicts. His work has appeared in a wide range of publications and he serves on the advisory board of Armchair General magazine. He lives in Virginia.

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