World War II Reflections

An Oral History of Pennsylvania's Veterans


Book Description

  • Gripping firsthand accounts
  • Then-and-now photos of the veterans
  • Maps and sidebars highlighting battles, units, and equipment

    Thirty veterans of World War II from Pennsylvania recall their time of service in France, Italy, Burma, Guadalcanal, the Philippines, and the Pacific in this new volume based on Pennsylvania Cable Network's award-winning series World War II--In Their Own Words. The very personal and deeply human accounts are presented in the veterans' own words, giving a perspective of the war through the eyes of ordinary citizen-soldiers. The stories range from profound experiences of dealing with death on a daily basis to the everyday facts of camp life, such as food, clothes, and leisure.

  • About Lockman, Brian

    Brian Lockman is president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Cable Network and host of its weekly "PA Books" series.