Feathers Preferred

A Sportsman’s Soliloquy


Book Description

This is the story of a pioneer Canadian sportsman who sat on the crest of a wooded hill one autumn day and did some serious thinking.
For nearly have a century he had spent all his spare time in the woods and on the waters and had seen many changes. What for instance had happened to the wealth of wildlife he have known as a boy?
What was the cause of the alarming decline in our game birds—particularly our migratory waterfowl? Was it waste or indifference on the part of the hunter? How much could be attributed to changing habitat or increasing population? Could something be done to bring them back?
He had read many books and articles by learned biologists and some of them seemed to make sense, but these authorities were often at wide variance with one another. Why?
What about the viewpoint of the sportsman? It would appear that few of them had dared to express an opinion or record their views.
Thus Feathers Preferred was born.
Feathers Preferred is both serious and amusing. Written by a sportsman for the sportsmen of North America, it will be read with absorbing interest by everyone who loves and admires the countless wonders of the great outdoors.

About the Author

William Austin Peters came into this world at Kingston, Ontario, Canada, April 3, 1900.
And it might be said he was almost ‘born on the wing,’ for at an early age and because of his deep-rooted love of nature, he embarked on a business career that took him over much of the North American continent…following bird.
Moving southward during the months of fall, he would winter with his feathered friends along the intriguing shores of the Gulf Coasts, swing round the Florida Keyes, then north in the spring to his homeland maritime provinces.
For several years, Mr. Peters has lived along the waterway of Canada’s beautiful St. Lawrence with all the time in the world to indulge in things that satisfy him most…game bird breeding, hunting and fishing. His has long advocated good management of our natural resources. Under his able direction as president of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, and many other clubs and societies, major reforms have been proposed and adopted.

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