Panzers Forward

A Photo History of German Armor in World War II


Book Description

Panzers Forward collects photos of all varieties of German armor, from the smaller tanks of the early war to the gigantic Tigers that came later, on all fronts—North Africa, Sicily and Italy, France, and of course the Eastern Front. Written by a trio of experts who have lived and breathed panzers for decades, the captions identify vehicles as well as their location and units, explain markings and camouflage, and give background information on the vehicles and their battles.

About the Author

Robert Edwards, a retired U.S. Army armor officer, has taught at West Point and is the author of Scouts Out and Tip of the Spear. He has also translated numerous books from German into English. He lives in Navarre, Florida. Michael Pruett is coauthor of Field Uniforms of Germany’s Panzer Elite. He lives in Houston, Texas. Michael Olive is coauthor of Operation Barbarossa 1941, Steel Thunder on the Eastern Front, and other titles in the Stackpole Military Photo Series. He lives in Trail, British Columbia.

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