Author's Corner

Author's Corner

April is National Art Glass month—a great occasion to meet some of the talented people who create our best-selling glass titles!

Lynn Haunstein LYNN HAUNSTEIN began working with stained glass in January of 2000, taking every class offered at her local glass studio, then going on to teach both stained glass and glass fusing classes to beginners. Now, she is the author of Basic Glass Fusing and 40 Great Glass Fusing Projects, and has contributed work for Making Stained Glass Panels, Making Stained Glass Boxes, Making Stained Glass Lamps, and 40 Great Stained Glass Projects. In 2013, she became the owner of Rainbow Vision Stained Glass, where she continues to teach traditional stained glass and fused glass classes. She lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband and has three grown daughters, one of whom has joined her at the shop as an instructor and designer.

According to Lynn, "Working with glass is just about the most relaxing thing you can do. From making a simple design into a stained glass panel, or heating glass in a kiln to fuse it together, it is so rewarding to take flat sheets of glass and turn them into something spectacular. With so many colors and textures of glass available, the biggest problem is deciding what to make next!"

Fun Facts about Lynn:

  • Lynn has been a member of her church's handbell choir for nearly 20 years.
  • She loves traveling and has enjoyed exploring the countries of Zambia, Egypt, Peru, Italy, and Great Britain with her family and friends.
  • Another favorite trip is visiting the Chesapeake Bay area each year for boating, waterskiing, and kayaking.

Lynn's books are available on this website:
40 Great Glass Fusing Projects Basic Glass Fusing

Louise Mehaffey LOUISE MEHAFFEY has been creating glass crafts for more than 30 years. She works from her studio, The Glass Place, in Blandon, Pennsylvania. Her mandrel-wound lampworked glass beads grace the jewelry of renowned designers and have been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications. Louise is the author of Decorative Stained Glass Designs, Glass Beads, and Glass Bead Inspirations. Visit her gallery and blog at The Glass Place.

Louise says: "My obsession with glass started in the 1970s. My house had an ugly plastic sidelight beside the front door and I decided to replace it with a stained-glass panel, so I signed up for a workshop in stained glass and have been hooked on glass ever since. For more than twenty years, I operated a stained-glass studio, doing mostly residential commissions. During that time, I experimented with sandblasting glass, painting and firing it in a kiln, and fusing. A lampworking workshop in 1998 started me in that direction, and I now practice that craft exclusively."

Louise's books are available on this website:
Decorative Stained Glass Designs Glass Bead Inspirations Glass Beads

Michael Johnston MICHAEL JOHNSTON was a stained glass artist who worked for more than two decades in the central Pennsylvania region. He was the owner and operator of Rainbow Vision Stained Glass in Harrisburg and an accomplished teacher of stained glass techniques and artistry for all skill levels.

Between 2003 and 2012, Michael published six books and one app on stained glass making for Stackpole Books. His Stackpole editor, Mark Allison, who worked closely with him on all of these projects says "Michael's students knew they could always come to him for advice and encouragement, and he wanted to offer these same things to his readers."

Michael's current books are available on this website:
40 Great Stained Glass Projects Basic Stained Glass Making Beyond Basic Stained Glass Making Making Stained Glass Boxes Making Stained Glass Lamps Making Stained Glass Panels

HUGH V. ARCHER has been creating authentic reproduction Tiffany lamps for more than 25 years. His pieces are sold in galleries throughout the country. He teaches lamp-making workshops in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he lives.

Hugh's book is available on this website:
Making Tiffany Lamps

SANDY ALLISON is an editor and the author of eight books on glass art, birding, and other hobbies. In addition to being an amateur stained glass artist, Sandy is an enthusiastic, nonexpert birder whose favorite places to watch birds include Cape May, New Jersey, and Gettysburg National Military Park. Sandy lives in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

Says Sandy: "The worst part about working with stained glass is cutting your hands and fingers. As careful as you are, you can't avoid doing so."

Sandy's books are available on this website:
Beyond Basic Stained Glass Making Backyard Birds Beautiful Leaves

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