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Contact Us

You can always contact our offices at

5067 Ritter Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Phone: 800-732-3669 or 717-796-0411
Fax: 717-796-0412
Our offices are open 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST.

Are you an Author interested in submitting a book idea?

Authors send us ideas for books in lots of forms, but we especially appreciate the query. Here's why:

For you, it's a quick way to find out whether we're interested in your idea before you take the time to write a book about it. For us, it's a quick way to decide whether your idea fits among the other books already on our list and those we've planned for the future, and whether what you have in mind and what we're looking for are similar.

Even if the idea you send isn't a book for Stackpole, your query might spark one that you and we could develop together, or it could show us that you'd be able to do another book for which we've been trying to find the right author. We hope that following the suggestions we've made below not only can help you convince the editor who looks over your proposal that it's worth pursuing but also will help you hone your thoughts about your subject.

First of all, send your query to an individual editor by name rather than to the Stackpole offices or to the editors in general. Describe briefly and clearly what the book is about, who and how large your target audience is, what qualifies you to write the book (including samples of previously published work if you have them), what other books are on the market that will compete with yours, and how yours differs from them. Include a sentence outline describing the contents of the book, and describe the physical book as you envision it. We also like to see sample photographs and illustrations if you have them. If you've already written the manuscript, send only a sample chapter or two, along with the other information.

Of course, when you submit a query, you may not have all of that information. However, the more you can supply, the better, because you must sell your idea to the editor, who, if he's convinced, must in turn sell it to the other editors and the sales department.

No, it's not a simple process, for you or for us. But one of the most pleasant aspects of our jobs as editors is opening the daily mail, anticipating potential books. So we look forward to hearing from you and to seeing your work.

Inquiries and questions to Stackpole Books may be directed to:

Nature and Craft titles/submissions
Mark Allison

Fishing titles/submissions
Jay Nichols

Outdoor Sports titles/submissions
Judith Schnell

History and Military Reference titles/submissions
David Reisch

Are you interested in Permissions and Rights?

For Permissions, please contact:
Tim Gahr

For Rights, please contact:
Mark Allison

Are you a Teacher considering a book for classroom use?

If you are a teacher considering a book for classroom use, we will be glad to send you an examination copy free of charge. Here is how to request one:

  1. Write a note on departmental letterhead indicating:
  2. a. which book you would like to examine (title and ISBN)
    b. the name of the course
    c. the estimated enrollment of the course
    d. a daytime telephone number to contact you about the title
    e. an e-mail address to contact you about the title
    f. a delivery address for the examination copy

  3. Send your request by one of these three methods:
  4. a. Mailing it to the address in the header, Attn: Examination Copies, or
    b. Faxing it to 717-796-0412, or
    c. E-mailing it in PDF format to Stacey Lane at

Please note that regardless of the method used to provide your request, the request must be on departmental letterhead. Plain paper or requests typed into the body of an e-mail will not be accepted.

If you need more than 1 desk copy, there will be a $5.00 charge for each additional copy. No more than 2 desk copies of any title can be requested for the same course.

If you have any questions, contact Stacey Lane at

Are you interested in Wholesale / Resale information?

Please call Customer Service: 800-732-3669 extension 136. We are available Monday–Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Or contact one of our Sales Managers:
If you interested in carrying our fishing, hunting, or outdoor titles, please contact:
Trish Manney
or call: 800-732-3669 extension 128

If you interested in carrying our craft, history, or military titles, please contact:
Sarah Wolf
or call: 800-732-3669 extension 126

Are you interested in International Sales and Distribution?

Please contact our international partners.

Georgetown Publications Inc.
34 Armstrong Ave.
Georgetown, Ontario L7G 4R9 Canada
Phone: 1-888-595-3008
Fax: 1-888-595-3009

United Kingdom
Fishing and Hunting
Quiller Publishing Ltd.
Wykey House
Wykey, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
SY4 1JA England
Phone: +44-1939-261616
Fax: +44-1939-261606

United Kingdom, Europe, Traditional British Trading Areas
Military History
Casemate UK
10 Hythe Bridge Street
OX1 2EW England
Phone: +44-0-1865-241249
Fax: +44-0-1865-794449

United Kingdom, Europe, Traditional British Trading Areas
Crafts & Hobbies
Search Press
North Farm Road
Tunbridge Wells
TN2 3DR England
Phone: +44-1892-510850
Fax: +44-1892-515908

Australia and Papua New Guinea
Peribo PTY Ltd.
58 Beaumont Rd,
Mount Kuring-GAI
NSW 20800 Australia
Phone: 61-2-9457-0011
Fax: 61-2-9457-0022

New Zealand
Halcyon Publishing Ltd.
Unit 11 Diana Ct.
101-111 Diana Dr.
Glenfield, Auckland, NW New Zealand
Phone: 64-9-489-5337
Fax: 64-9-489-5218

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