Girls Come Marching Home-Pb : Stories of Women Warriors Returning from the War In Iraq
Girls Come Marching Home, The: Stories of Women Warriors Returning from the War In Iraq
By author: Kirsten Holmstedt
ISBN: 9780811708463
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6" x 9"
Illustrations:  16-page color section

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"A moving portrait about what it's like for women to come home from war." --Gayle Lemmon, contributing editor for Newsweek and The Daily Beast

"Holmstedt looks at America's frontline female soldiers fighting in Iraq -- and finds out what happens when these brave women return home." --New York Post

"A must-read for anyone concerned about women or war." --Shira Tarrant,

  • Deeply personal and emotional accounts of more than a dozen American soldiers returning home from the war in Iraq
  • Includes women from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard
  • Inspiring stories of courage while recovering from physical and psychological wounds
  • The frustrations of navigating the military bureaucracy to get help
  • How combat affects someone's entire life, including her family and friends

    Learn more now at author Kirsten Holmstedt's website.

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