Jewel of Liberty, The-Pb : Abraham Lincoln's Re-election and the End of Slavery
Jewel of Liberty, The: Abraham Lincoln's Re-election and the End of Slavery
By author: David E. Long
ISBN: 9780811734417
Availability: In stock.
6" x 9"
Illustrations:  41 b/w photos
Paperback $19.95

The Jewel of Liberty marks a milestone in Civil War and Lincoln history, combining in-depth research with challenging new arguments to present the case for the election of 1864--which returned Lincoln to office to continue the war and cemented emancipation--as the most important in American history. Had Lincoln lost, the Confederacy might have achieved its two main goals: independence as a nation and the perpetuation of slavery. Never in our past has the nature and future of the nation depended so much on the ballot box.

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